Rewards & Loyalty Points

New Customers

For new visitors to our website, subscribe to our newsletter and get £35 off your first order. 

Simply add "NEW35" at the checkout to receive £35 or £100 off full priced artwork or sculpture with a total order value over £350 or £1000 on your first purchase.

Existing Customers

Get Rewards -

£12.50 off =   500 points
£25 off =  1,000 points
£50 off =  2,000 points
£100 off =  4,000 points
£150 off =  6,000 points
£200 off =  8,000 points


How do I join the "Generation Rewards" program?

Customers with store accounts will automatically earn points for purchases. If you don't have one yet, create a store account now!

How do I earn points?

Get 1 point for every £1 GBP you spend (excluding any shipping fees & shipping taxes).

How do I check my balance?

Log in to your store account and go to the E-Wallet Page or email the gallery directly for your points value available.

How can I use my points?

Use your points to redeem rewards from your E-Wallet at the final page of your checkout.  Only one code can be used per order.