What is Gallery Wrap? 

Gallery Wrap is a canvas stretched and secured to a thick wooden frame stapled on the back with a hanging wire. A gallery wrapped canvas is suitable for hanging on the wall.

What are your framing options?

We do offer framing on the majority of our products. When adding an item to your shopping cart, there is an option to choose framing. Framing varies in cost and type. Some items have custom framing. Our general framing for items is square black frame with acid-free mat, snapline and /glass/plexiglass (non UV).

Do you have a mailing list?

We do have a mailing list.  When registering for an account with us please make sure to check the box that says "please send me email notifications..."  If you do not want to be on our mailing list please leave the box unchecked.  You can also sign up for our mailing list by going to the homepage and typing in your email in the newsletter section.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

At this present time we do not.  However we can accept payment via phone and we can open an account in the recipents name.

How do you promotions work?

On occasion we will offer special promotions. When offered, the promotion is only good on the website specified and are one time use per customer.

What are original production backgrounds?

Most of our cel setups come with reproduced backgrounds, but select setups are released with the original background which makes them an exact representation of what was shot on camera in order to animate the scene. Simpsons backgrounds are unique in the fact that the original backgrounds are painted on cels with cel paint. The majority of original backgrounds are painted on watercolour paper using cel or watercolor paint. Cels that are sold with original backgrounds are called Collectors Portfolio pieces or Key Master Setups.
What are original production cels?

Original production cels are one of a kind pieces of original production art that was actually used in the making of the animated show.  A series of cels are photographed in sequential order creating the illusion of movement.  While some cels from a sequence may look similar, each cel is unique.  Cels are hand-painted by overseas studios on clear acetat that are either 12-field size (10.5 x 12.5 inches) or 16-field size (16.5 x 13.5 inches). 

The majority of animated shows and movies are now digital which means that the only production element available are drawings.  Some shows were originally done on cel, but have moved to the digital process like The Simpsons which went digital beginning with Season 14.  Other shows like Family Guy and Futurama have been digital from the beginning and have never had cels available from the show unless it was a specially created one of one or limited edition.

The term cel is derived from the word "celluloid" an early form of the material used in the animation industry until the mid-1940's.  More recent cels are painted on clear acetate.  Cel is commonly misspelled as "cell."

What are original production drawings?

Prior to creating cels or scanning artwork into a computer, the production process begins with a drawing. Rough drawings or layouts are created by key animators to establish pose and action while clean up drawings are done by clean up artists to produce finished line art that is ready to be painted either manually or digitally.