Joe Murtagh combines celebrity motifs with death and decay

Cast an eye over Joe Murtagh’s work, and you’ll instantly spot many familiar faces and images. The Fab Four striding across Abbey Road, Amy Winehouse, the Batman logo… and yet, there’s also something compellingly unnerving about his creations, thanks to their integration of the symbols of death and decay that have helped to make him such a popular illustrator today.

Murtagh’s distinctive digital vector artwork is created with the help of his deft Adobe Illustrator skills, but he’s travelled through many other artistic roles to reach this point – from web designer and fashion photographer retoucher to graphic designer. Now, he’s an unashamed fine artist, completing a circle begun when he first started drawing at an early age.

London-born Murtagh’s work has been attracting the admiration of a wide range of audiences ever since. His early days saw him draw cartoon characters to impress his Dad, driven on by his love of Looney Tunes cartoons, while by the time of his Fine Art degree at Sunderland University, sculpture was his thing – indeed, he was soon taking sculptural commissions on graduating.

Subsequently becoming well-versed in multimedia technology via a course at Liverpool University, Murtagh has put his varied skills in creative media to good use – as can hardly be denied by anyone fortunate enough to be investing in his work right here at Generation Gallery.

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