Studio Art

Pixar Studio Art 13/08/2015

Do you love Pixar movies? Then check out our official Pixar art

As strongly evidenced by the huge success – both critical and financial – of Inside Out around the globe, Pixar is the most renowned and reliable animation studio in Hollywood. From Toy Story to Finding Nemo to Up and so many more in-between, Pixar has produced hit after hit. This is one vital reason why we at Generation Gallery feel hugely privileged to stock art that is not only based on popular Pixar features, but also put together by artists working for Pixar itself. Art that is as lovably quirky... Read More

Betty Boop Studio Art 09/08/2015

Betty Boop: a cartoon icon further immortalised by Generation Gallery

If you were challenged to name the sexiest cartoon character ever, you would struggle not to think of Betty Boop (or Jessica Rabbit!), who has probably become as well known for her sex appeal as for her legendary status – she was created by Max Fleischer as long ago as 1930! That the character continues to be not only remembered, not also loved, is reflected by her inclusion in art stocked by Generation Gallery. The history of Betty Boop The character first appeared in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes, which was... Read More

Steve Thomas Generation Gallery 01/08/2015

See travel posters that are vintage but futuristic from Steve Thomas

British travel advertising posters from the early twentieth century tend to be pretty easy to recognise, even for many of us who aren’t exactly art historians. Some of these posters have even developed a special fame of their own – like the ‘Skegness is SO bracing’ poster with “the Jolly Fisherman” created by illustrator John Hassall. But could you picture what such posters would have looked like if space travel was possible back in the early twentieth century? Forget the beach – visit the planets instead! We ask the above... Read More