Kerry Darlington

Little Red Riding Hood Kerry Darlington 29/05/2015

Kerry Darlington showcases the stages of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ from start to finish

Kerry Darlington has created some incredible pieces recently, of which we’ve sold many, and one of the most popular and highly sought after is her Little Red Riding Hood print. On her Facebook page, Kerry has recently uploaded a video showing how she made Little Red Riding Hood from beginning to end.  To view the video click here. As you can see from watching the video, it shows you an image of what the original piece was sketched from – a young girl hugging what seems to be a fluffy... Read More

Kerry Darlington 28/04/2015

Limited Edition Kerry Darlington pieces

When searching for the next piece of art to purchase for your home, consider giving Kerry Darlington’s section on our website a few minutes of your time. Born 1974 in Rhyl, North Wales, Kerry Darlington is heavily influenced by ‘Art Nouveau’ and the Pre-Raphaelite artists’. Focussing mainly on trees and nature, Kerry has built a reputation for decorative designs and in 2014 she was awarded “Best-Selling Published Artist” by the Fine Art Trade Guild. More than just prints If buying an original piece by Kerry is not possible, her ‘Unique... Read More

Goldie Artist 19/03/2015
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Why art from Generation Gallery can be worth its weight in Goldie

Generation Gallery stocks art from many big name artists, including Kerry Darlington, JJ Adams and Goldie. “Hang on a minute,” we can imagine you crying, “Goldie?” Yes, we are referring to the British musician, actor and DJ whose gold teeth are his most obvious visual trademark. However, the acclaim that he has attracted during his long history as a visual artist means that checking out his art that can be purchased from the Manchester-based Generation Gallery can be well worth your while. Goldie as a young graffiti artist Though Goldie... Read More

Kerry Darlington - Little Red Riding Hood 24/02/2015

Check out our stock of vivid work by Welsh artist Kerry Darlington

Take even a glance over the stock of our Manchester-located art gallery, Generation Gallery, and you should notice that work of the Welsh artist Kerry Darlington makes up a lot of it! Well, why shouldn’t it? We are very fond of Kerry’s work, and delight in sharing it with people all over the country, not just in Manchester. Her art is wonderfully original and decorative, and includes much vivid but relaxing imagery of trees and nature. She had a great love for magical fairy tales during her childhood and later... Read More

JJ Adams 19/02/2015

There’s lots of fun to be had thanks to Generation Gallery

Since our gallery, Generation Gallery, first opened over ten years ago, it has become one of the country’s most loved independent commercial art galleries. We regularly hold art events and exhibitions that are frequented by art fans from around the country, and big name artists that we have worked with include Paul Oz and the golden-toothed actor and musician Goldie. We don’t cater just for fans of very particular types of art, unlike other more stuffy and less commercial galleries – we can satisfy many different tastes. We are, for... Read More

Bird of Hera 11/02/2015

Hello art lovers!

Welcome to our very first blog post. We’ve been planning this for a while but have been so busy over the Christmas period that we’re just getting around to it now. However, keep your eyes peeled as their will be regular updates on this blog from now on! From JJ Adams, Kerry Darlington and Joe Murtagh to Goldie and Lou Molloy, we offer a wide range of art here at Generation Gallery. If there’s something you’re after that you can’t find on our site, please do not hesitate to get... Read More