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JJ Adams – Autumn Release at Generation Gallery

Saturday 29th August 2020 – JJ Adams Autumn Collection. With every purchased over the release weekend, you will also receive a hand pulled silkscreen print. It’s that time of year again…… The highly anticipated Autumn Collection will be released in 3 weeks time. For original art please register your interest now. As usual there will be a fantastic collection of limited editions available to order online and in the gallery. Bookmark this page now to avoid missing out –

Star Wars JJ Adams 21/07/2015

Show us your JJ Adams art!

JJ Adams’ artwork sells out almost the minute it comes in, with celebrities chasing his work this had only added fuel to the fire and made him the latest hot property in the art world. Recently, via Twitter, we’ve started to receive pictures from customers who have purchased JJ Adams pieces and want to show us how they look in their homes – we’ve enjoyed looking at them so much that we’ve decided to write this blog post in the hope of encouraging more of you to get involved! Below,... Read More


JJ Adams’ Spring collection selling like hot cakes

The recent release of limited edition pieces by JJ Adams has resulted in a buying frenzy for collectors and investors. So much so, in fact, that to the frustration of JJ Adams himself many people have been buying pieces of his art and immediately ‘flipping’ on sites like eBay. Not sure what ‘flipping’ means? JJ Adams explained on his Twitter recently… When purchasing your art from Generation Gallery, you can be sure that we’re an approved stockist that sells every piece of art at retail price, rather than inflated reseller... Read More

Generation Gallery Melissa Porter 10/04/2015

JJ Adams & the Ideal Home Show

What great weather we’re having at the moment! At Generation Gallery, we hope that you’ve had a wonderful Easter break, and we’re about to make it even better… …we’ve just taken delivery of some incredible new pieces of art by JJ Adams. Click here to see exactly what we have in stock. However, you’ll have to be quick as anything from JJ Adams sells out quickly. In other news, we recently attended the Ideal Home Show in London and were fortunate enough to have JJ Adams at our booth for... Read More

Goldie Artist 19/03/2015
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Why art from Generation Gallery can be worth its weight in Goldie

Generation Gallery stocks art from many big name artists, including Kerry Darlington, JJ Adams and Goldie. “Hang on a minute,” we can imagine you crying, “Goldie?” Yes, we are referring to the British musician, actor and DJ whose gold teeth are his most obvious visual trademark. However, the acclaim that he has attracted during his long history as a visual artist means that checking out his art that can be purchased from the Manchester-based Generation Gallery can be well worth your while. Goldie as a young graffiti artist Though Goldie... Read More

JJ Adams - Marilyn Monroe 26/02/2015

‘Warhol meets Banksy’ – it’s rising star JJ Adams

It takes a lot for social media users to start seriously describing you as ‘the next Andy Warhol’, but if there’s any person who deserves such a label, it might just be JJ Adams. Indeed, the London-based weaver of magic in mixed and new media has drawn comparisons with so many past and present cultural luminaries. If you ask any number of his fans, they’ll describe him as the Zappa or Hendrix of the British art scene. Quiz the man himself, and he’ll cite such wide-ranging influences as Warhol, Peter... Read More

JJ Adams 19/02/2015

There’s lots of fun to be had thanks to Generation Gallery

Since our gallery, Generation Gallery, first opened over ten years ago, it has become one of the country’s most loved independent commercial art galleries. We regularly hold art events and exhibitions that are frequented by art fans from around the country, and big name artists that we have worked with include Paul Oz and the golden-toothed actor and musician Goldie. We don’t cater just for fans of very particular types of art, unlike other more stuffy and less commercial galleries – we can satisfy many different tastes. We are, for... Read More