Betty Boop: a cartoon icon further immortalised by Generation Gallery

If you were challenged to name the sexiest cartoon character ever, you would struggle not to think of Betty Boop (or Jessica Rabbit!), who has probably become as well known for her sex appeal as for her legendary status – she was created by Max Fleischer as long ago as 1930! That the character continues to be not only remembered, not also loved, is reflected by her inclusion in art stocked by Generation Gallery.

The history of Betty Boop

The character first appeared in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes, which was first broadcast on August 9, 1930 and was the sixth episode of the Talkartoon cartoon series produced by Fleischer Studios. Though she was initially intended to caricature the contemporary singer Helen Kane, she was not recognisable as human until 1932, when she lost her poodle appearance.

The first voice actress for Boop was Margie Hines, but a number of other actresses brought the character to vocal life over time, most notably Mae Questel. She started voicing Boop in 1931 and continued to routinely provide the character’s voice until she died in 1998. She even voiced Boop for her appearances in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

Betty Boop lives on at Generation Gallery!

Amazingly, despite the age of the character and her lack of prominence in modern films and TV, official Betty Boop products are still made. This is largely because Fleischer Studios still exists as a company that owns the rights to Betty Boop. They have kindly contributed several official pieces of Betty Boop artwork to the stock at Generation Gallery, and any of these pieces could make good presents for fans of the little sex symbol or Old Hollywood more generally.

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