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JJ Adams – Autumn Release at Generation Gallery

Saturday 29th August 2020 – JJ Adams Autumn Collection. With every purchased over the release weekend, you will also receive a hand pulled silkscreen print. It’s that time of year again…… The highly anticipated Autumn Collection will be released in 3 weeks time. For original art please register your interest now. As usual there will be a fantastic collection of limited editions available to order online and in the gallery. Bookmark this page now to avoid missing out –

Betty Boop Studio Art 09/08/2015

Betty Boop: a cartoon icon further immortalised by Generation Gallery

If you were challenged to name the sexiest cartoon character ever, you would struggle not to think of Betty Boop (or Jessica Rabbit!), who has probably become as well known for her sex appeal as for her legendary status – she was created by Max Fleischer as long ago as 1930! That the character continues to be not only remembered, not also loved, is reflected by her inclusion in art stocked by Generation Gallery. The history of Betty Boop The character first appeared in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes, which was... Read More

Steve Thomas Generation Gallery 01/08/2015

See travel posters that are vintage but futuristic from Steve Thomas

British travel advertising posters from the early twentieth century tend to be pretty easy to recognise, even for many of us who aren’t exactly art historians. Some of these posters have even developed a special fame of their own – like the ‘Skegness is SO bracing’ poster with “the Jolly Fisherman” created by illustrator John Hassall. But could you picture what such posters would have looked like if space travel was possible back in the early twentieth century? Forget the beach – visit the planets instead! We ask the above... Read More

Spider-Man Art 25/07/2015

Why you don’t have to wait until 2017 to have fun seeing Spider-Man

Having been thrilled to see British acting talent Christian Bale and Henry Cavill take on the hugely iconic roles of Batman and Superman, it utterly stunned us to now see one of this country’s up-and-coming young thespians, Tom Holland, named as the new Spider-Man. His next film as Spidey will not be reaching cinemas until 2017, but you don’t have to wait that long to see this particular superhero in large scale and close up, thanks to Generation Gallery. A Marvel-ous selection of official Spider-Man art The next Spidey film... Read More

Star Wars JJ Adams 21/07/2015

Show us your JJ Adams art!

JJ Adams’ artwork sells out almost the minute it comes in, with celebrities chasing his work this had only added fuel to the fire and made him the latest hot property in the art world. Recently, via Twitter, we’ve started to receive pictures from customers who have purchased JJ Adams pieces and want to show us how they look in their homes – we’ve enjoyed looking at them so much that we’ve decided to write this blog post in the hope of encouraging more of you to get involved! Below,... Read More


Are you up-to-date with everything in the art world?

Staying on top of what products we stock can be difficult for even the most loyal of our customers, as pieces often sell out within hours of appearing on our site. Keeping up-to-date with everything else in the art world, such as upcoming releases, events, exhibitions, offers etc. is nigh on impossible…or is it? Sign up to our Newsletter Have you ever considered signing up to our newsletter? You can do so by scrolling to the bottom of our Home page, entering your email address in the box provided and... Read More

Little Red Riding Hood Kerry Darlington 29/05/2015

Kerry Darlington showcases the stages of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ from start to finish

Kerry Darlington has created some incredible pieces recently, of which we’ve sold many, and one of the most popular and highly sought after is her Little Red Riding Hood print. On her Facebook page, Kerry has recently uploaded a video showing how she made Little Red Riding Hood from beginning to end.  To view the video click here. As you can see from watching the video, it shows you an image of what the original piece was sketched from – a young girl hugging what seems to be a fluffy... Read More

Katy Jade Dobson Chimaruka 28/05/2015

Learn more about Katy Jade Dobson

Based in the UK and originally from Yorkshire, Katy Jade Dobson works predominantly in oil paints and has applied her love for wildlife and nature into her art. A particular inspiration for Katy is Odilon Redon, a symbolist painter born in Bordeaux, France in 1840 – Katy’s particularly inspired by the ethereal qualities and his use of vivid colour. At Generation Gallery, we stock a range of Katy Jade Dobson’s art, including a particular favourite of ours ‘Chimaruka’ – a Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee with only 75 printed. We... Read More


JJ Adams’ Spring collection selling like hot cakes

The recent release of limited edition pieces by JJ Adams has resulted in a buying frenzy for collectors and investors. So much so, in fact, that to the frustration of JJ Adams himself many people have been buying pieces of his art and immediately ‘flipping’ on sites like eBay. Not sure what ‘flipping’ means? JJ Adams explained on his Twitter recently… When purchasing your art from Generation Gallery, you can be sure that we’re an approved stockist that sells every piece of art at retail price, rather than inflated reseller... Read More

Kerry Darlington 28/04/2015

Limited Edition Kerry Darlington pieces

When searching for the next piece of art to purchase for your home, consider giving Kerry Darlington’s section on our website a few minutes of your time. Born 1974 in Rhyl, North Wales, Kerry Darlington is heavily influenced by ‘Art Nouveau’ and the Pre-Raphaelite artists’. Focussing mainly on trees and nature, Kerry has built a reputation for decorative designs and in 2014 she was awarded “Best-Selling Published Artist” by the Fine Art Trade Guild. More than just prints If buying an original piece by Kerry is not possible, her ‘Unique... Read More